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Max Rave Tops and Shirts

When I look at the clothing that sells well for Max Rave its pretty obvious that shirts and tops are a big part of the business. They are great at choosing colors, patterns and material. Just listen to some of these descriptions - purple crinkle flutter dress, purple ruffle tank blouse, icy blue polka dot halter, charcoal gray satin dress, v-necked laced tanj top - WOW! sexy, colorful, and fun. I'd be tempted to buy some of their clothing based on description alone.

I'm always really impressed by the creative spirit that is evident from the Max Rave company. Who wouldn't want to wear a black and yellow flowers dress, its just so cool.

Its pretty neat how their tops run the gamet from classy to trashy and yet keep the customers coming back to do shopping at the max rave clothing store.