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Max Rave Clothing Store

So you're looking for rave clothing eh? Its hard to find a store that specializes in rave clothing.

Some of the stuff you will find at a rave clothing store includes the following;

Elephant pants, raver googles, furry and fluffy leggings, gas masks, cyber clothing, pvc clothes, rave hoodies, leg warmers, and cyber goth clothing

What's so awesome about putting together an outfit for a rave party is that you can find a lot of used clothing that works out well and there are a ton of stores that cater to the used clothing market. There is a store in the town I live that receives 5000 used items a day and its so busy in there I'm sure they are selling it just as fast as it comes in.

Another bonus with the type of clothes you want for a rave is that they are usually baggy and comfortable. Seriously - you are going to need big pockets to hide stuff in.

Its tricky to find stores that cater to ravers unless you live in an urban center. I would recommend just hunting around everywhere like auction sites to find that prime piece for your outfit.